Museum Of Islamic Art – Qatar

On my last trip to Qatar, I went to MIA which stands for Museum of Islamic Art… It has a magnificent artworks dating from the 7th to the 19th century.

It includes manuscripts, ceramics, metal, glass, ivory, textiles, wood, and precious stones from three continents.

The Museum has an education center, and between once and awhile they have Temporary Exhibitions from different artist around the world.

Here are some pictures…

And here comes the Diamonds and Jewelry :D

I Liked the small Details on the Emerald :D

I’m so In love with this cute Bird :D

Visit their website Here

Hope you liked it ;)

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  1. Newq8bride

    مشالله عجيب :) تدرين انه شارين بعض الأثار من الشيخ ناصر صباح الأحمد ؟؟ لأنه اهو و زوجته مهتمين بالموضوع

    keep going girl :)


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