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Last weekend when I was in Jabriya with my sister, we were discussing where to eat dinner! it was almost 9.30 pm :S

So I thought about Sandwich Bar as long as we were in Jabriya let’s give it a try! Its a new place, Why not? ! :)

We went to the restaurant, the place was small and cozy from the outside.. it has an outdoor and indoor sitting area.

Each table outside and inside have a different game to play with your partner.. and the seating area outside has blankets to eat and relax! It feels like you’re in your home ! I liked this Idea :)

Also each table has its own cartoon theme , our table was Disney princesses..yeeey ! :D

And these were waiting for us on the tables :S

The place has only 5 seating area in the indoor section ..  it’s very cozy..

I loved the lights.. for a while, I thought there was a party! and yes, just before we arrive it was a kid’s birthday party :)

On the wall, there was a lighting menu that changes it colors every minute

After we gave them our order, I took some pictures of the place..

Hello! from this little fellow :P

Sister playing some cooking game on their Ipad while waiting for our order..

They brought to us some gambling machines , slot machine and roulette, the game rule is : if you got a triple numbers/icons, you will get your drink for free!

For the roulette machine, you choose a number, and let it spins, if it settle on your exact number you get your drink for free!

But no Luck at all.. I was a loser lol :D

$100 golden bill ! :D

Me like this watch :)

Our drinks, Virgin margarita and Manhattan


Here comes the food ,,


S bar Fries and Fried Mushrooms :)


And now, Our burgers.. with Rainbow buns! :D


Oh La La!! The Huge one on the right side is S bar burger, and the 3 mini burgers were : chicken fillet, Magic burger and Choco burger..

Magic burger contains marmalade either :strawberry, peach or raspberry.. or you can just mix them together Like we did and the taste was yummy,, sweetness mixture with a touch of sourness.

Choco burger contains CHOCOLATE ! Yess.. Chocolate spread on the bun with cheese burger! It was to die for :D


The food was excellet..I rate it 10/10.. delicious and creative dishes :)



Address : Jabriya, Block 1B, 2nd Street

Tel : 55533245 – 55533246

Twitter : @sandwichbarq8

Facebook : Sandwich Bar Kuwait

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